Eye Test to Measure Brain Health & Consult

Eye Test to Measure Brain Health & Consult


Your eye is an extension of your brain. VERY often, what we see in your eye tells us what's going on in your brain. Eye changes happen up to 15 YEARS BEFORE brain changes. Order your eye screening test by paying for this service. Then procede to www.visionsource.com and make an appointment with an eye doctor near you. Inform the eye doctor you want a comprehensive eye exam including "OCT" measurements of the retina (this is usually covered by most health insurances). Have your eye doctor send the evaluation (files, images) to info@realhealthclinics.com or fax to 833-404-4052. Once received, a RealHealth team member will contact you to schedule a 1-hour consult to discuss your results and suggested next steps.

  • Get the Eye Pathology Assessment Spec Sheet

    What eye tests do you need? Go to www.realhealthclinics.com/eye to download the eye pathology assessment sheet to take to your optometrists. This sheet provides the names of the tests we prefer and provides your optometrist the data we want them to provide to RealHealth.

Open the Window to Your Health

That window is your eyes where doctors can see bare nerves and blood vessels and assess your current and future health.