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We are a team of doctors and researchers who run clinics to screen for, diagnosis, and treat Eye & Brain disesaes. We use research from around the globe to develop and enhance our methods. Our clinic approach is based on that developed by a Harvard Medical School physician in Boston where he has proven an ability to diagnosis and treat Alzheimer's. Our patients do significantly better than those treated with the standard-of-care. Most improve.



We serve:

1. People concerned about their Eye diseases and potential to develop Alzheimer's disease, and

2. People who are suffering from Eye diseases,  Alzheimer's and other brain disorders.

Our screening methods reveal disease in people without symptoms. Our diagnostics reveal root-causes of Alzheimer's. From here we are able to prescribe treatments that help improve the health of our patients or prevent the disease from taking hold.



The eye is a surrogate for the brain. Recent data from the International Alzhemer's Association meeting confirm that markers for Alzheimer's appear in the eye long before people have symptoms. Further, it is now known that the blood provides clues to AD and Eye disease causes and that inflammation is involved. We test our patients blood for inflammation and its causes. We then treat our patients to arrest the conditions that cause AD and Eye diseases.

Dr. Lewis on AD


"Dr. Trempe's unique way on treating healed my eye. Even more importantly his treatments led to my health improving on several fronts including improved muscle strength, the ability to walk without a cane, better memory, ability to do basic math, the ability to take a phone call, and vast improvement in the way my hands would shake and tremble." - Source provided under HIPPA compliance.

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