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These videos summarize some of the frequently asked questions we get. Patients are provided access to our written patient information sheets that are the subject of these videos.

Dr. Lewis Interview on the Alzheimer's and Dementia Summit - July 2016.

Very early detection of Alzheimer's.

Markers for Alzheimer's disease show up a decade or more before symptoms appear.

Screening for Alzheimer's Disease.

Our doctors can "see" Alzheimer's long before you have memory loss.

A cure for Alzheimer's disease?

With a proper broad and deep diagnosis, a cure is possible.

Alzheimer's Disease: Cost of Care

Many important tests for Alzheimer's are not "covered." We put your health, not your insurance, first.

Alzheimer's Disease: A New Model

RealHealth Clinics is offering a new option for Alzheimer's sufferers and those concerned about their future risk.

Alzheimer's : Rule Out Causes

The RealHealth Clinics approach looks for causes that traditional doctors are not investigating

Alzheimer's Disease: Our Approach

Dr. Lewis explains the RealHealth Clinics approach to Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's Disease: The Method

RealHealth Clinics step-wise approach to slowing/stopping/reversing Alzheimer's.

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