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Patients: Welcome to the RealHealth Clinics Patient Portal.


The purpose of this area is:

  1. to provide information resources for our patients and

  2. provide a convenient link to your health information

RealHealth Clinics Patient Information Sheets


We have compiled a series of sheets that provide information about Alzheimer's disease, RealHealth Clinics, and relevant medical Issues. Click on the link on the menu bar, the title above or here to enter the page with patient information sheets. 

Medical Information Summaries


Several credible news outlets frequently publish health information. We constantly review these news sources and have assembled the information that is relevant to Alzheimer's disease, RealthHealth Clinics and related topics. Click on the link on the menu bar, the title above or here to enter the page with patient information sheets.

Must Read


One of the major preventable causes of low-grade chronic inflammation is diseases of the oral cavity. Periodontal disease is well known to cause cardiovascular disease. It is emerging as a root-cause of Alzheimer's. Scientific American published a separate publication, "Oral and Whole Body Health," many years ago. New science is confirming all their conclusions and more. Click HERE, or on the icon to the right, for a pdf of the Scientific American article.

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