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Videos of RealHealth Clinics Patients.

These videos were recorded in 2009. We have not made a practice of recording patient videos. These videos were all recorded by consent of the patient, health proxy, or through power of attorney.

Former Alzheimer's Patient.

Disease Reversed after 6 months of treatment.

Co-morbid with Parkinson's and Glaucoma.

All conditions rectified.

Daughter provides testimonial.

Dr. Kilmer McCully on Homocysteine.

The risk for Alzheimer's disease increased 40% with every 5 points that homocysteine elevates.

All concerned about Alzheimer's should have this biomarker measured.

Former Parkinson's Patient

Wife and patient provide video testimonal on improvements in memory, muscle function, eye sight, and hearing.

Patient Montage with Testimonials

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Mild Cognitive Impairment reversed.

Diabetes patient spent $3,000,000 at Joslin with no improvement. RealHealth improved health "incredibly" in 2 months.

Mr G.

This gentleman has severe diabetes symptoms and was seen at Harvard's Joslin Clinic. His medical costs reached $3MM without a resolution. Dr. Trempe saw him 4 times and was able to reverse his condition purely with nutrition and nutraceuticals.

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