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RealHealth Clinics - Instructions for Providing Medical Records 


We encourage you to send all your medical information. However, for your convenience, consider sending just your last 2 years of information. If RealHealth considers this inadequate to assess your situation, we will request additional information.


1. Fax your records to our secure fax server at (781)-250-8432


2. Mail you records to:             RealHealth Clinics

                                                153 E. Broadway, Suite 132

                                                Jefferson City, TN 37760


Please remove all staples and replace with paper clips or do not bind the pages with anything.


3. Email to Send an email to letting us know you sent your records.


4. RealHealth will send you a detailed report based on your existing blood tests. Once you have your report, RealHealth will call you to discuss the results and determine next steps.


5. Click here to pay for the RealHealth Clinics to review your records:

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