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How to Order Your Eye Test (Telemedicine Program)


  • The RealHealth eye tests are very predictive of current and future Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative condtions. Be committed to take action based on the various potential findings from the eye exam.


  • Understand the financial costs associated with this test. You will be guided to choose an eye doctor in your area who has the skills and equipment to obtain appropriate eye exam data. However your local eye doctor will not be qualified to determine your Alzheimer's risks. Your eye doctor visit may be covered by your insurance but this must be determined by contacting and discussing this issue with your eye exam provider. RealHealth does not assist with insurance issues. RealHealth does not either refer to particular eye doctors nor do we participant in any financial transaction between you, the patient, and the optometrist you select. RealHealth experts will review the eye data and provide you with a written (or verbal if that is your preference) report. Our charge for this service is $200.00.  This service is ordered at: Pay for this service before the delivery of your data to RealHealth.


  • Locate and eye doctor at Enter your zip code in the space provided on their site. Most eye doctors perform refraction - to test your vision. The best eye doctors for the RealHealth assessment is a doctor who does pathology. Call the eye doctor in your area and ask: 1. Doctor, do you specialize in eye pathology assessment? 2. Doctor do you have an OCT (optical coherence tomography) instrument? If the doctor does pathology and has an OCT, they are qualified to do the testing we require. If they do not specialize in pathology but do have an OCT, then they may be qualified. You may ask your doctor to call RealHealth at 202.630.3221 for assistance in qualifying your eye doctor.


  • Your eye doctor must either provide you with the results of your eye exam or send the results of your eye exam to RealHealth Clinics. Getting the data to RealHealth is your responsibility because it is your health information. Please copy and print out the following note and bring to your optometrist:


Dear Dr. ____________. I have been referred to your clinic by RealHealth Clinics due to your affiliation with VisionSource. I require a complete eye exam that includes an examination of pathology including, but not limited to, the presence of nuclear cataract, cortical (supranuclear) cataract, dry AMD, wet AMD, glaucoma, and retinal nerve fiber layer health (volume and thickness). This exam may require the following instruments: Slit lamp microscope, fundus camera, and OCT.  I am authorizing that the data gathered during my appointment be provided to me or be sent to RealHealth Clinics either by email ( or by mail to: Dr. Lewis, 153 East Broadway Blvd, Suite 200, Jefferson City, TN 37760.


  • Inform RealHealth when your eye exam is completed and the information is being sent to RealHealth. Email us at RealHealth will then schedule a consult to discuss the results or simply provide you with a report on the results.



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