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Donate $10 for a PDF Book

Donate $10 for a PDF Book

"The End of Alzheimer's" provides a concise scientific view into Alzheimer's disease, including prevention and treatment strategies capable of delaying, arresting, and reversing this most dreaded disease.

This book is offered on the honor system. Pay here and then go to You can get there by navigating to "Patients" found on the main menu bar, and then select "Summaries."
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    "Drs. Lewis and Trempe have written a mind-opening, well-informed and intelligent account of the history, present and future interventions, and distillation of keen thinking on the subject of Alzheimer’s disease. This book will be the focus of many prospective and pivotal discussions on how medical research will eventually govern this mind-shattering disorder."

    Jack C. de la Torre, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Texas, Austin
    Austin, Texas 79712, Senior Editor, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

    "The brilliant strategy by Drs. Lewis and Trempe takes advantage of revolutionary new concepts for guiding enhancement of immune function and treatment of chronic infections in prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment by psychological testing, combined with assessment of ophthalmological abnormalities and determination of health status through thorough testing of biochemical markers related to infection and inflammation, are necessary for improving the prognosis and reducing the risk of dementia. The implications of this strategy for the individual and for the population are enormous. Control of dementia, atherosclerosis, and degenerative diseases of aging by the insights of Drs. Lewis and Trempe has the potential for revolutionizing management of chronic disease in the general population."

    Kilmer S. McCully, MD, Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, United States Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston, MA 02132. Pioneer of the Homocysteine Theory.
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