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Brain Health & Risk Assessment & Consult

Brain Health & Risk Assessment & Consult


Take our brain and whole body health risk survey and participate in a 1 hour personalized consult with Dr. Lewis.


Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases have a long incubation period and life risk factors often determine who will and who will not suffer from a degenerative brain or chronic condition. Dr. Lewis' recent publication titled, "It's Never too Early or too Late-End the Epidemic of Alzheimer's by Preventing or Reversing Causation from pre-Birth to Death" emphasizes the need to be proactive at preventing these diseases rather than being reactive once they strike.


Take our novel brain health and risk assessment - a 110 question risk survey. The RealHealth Team will provide you with a detailed explanation of your risks within a phone or telemedicine consult.


Alternatively, order the Brain & Eye Disease Prevention program and take the assessment, get the consult and 8 hours of coaching to start eliminating risks identified in the assessment.

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