Brain Health & Risk Assessment & Consult

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Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases have a long incubation period and life risk factors often determine who will and who will not suffer from a degenerative brain or chronic condition. Dr. Lewis' recent publication titled, "It's Never too Early or too Late-End the Epidemic of Alzheimer's by Preventing or Reversing Causation from pre-Birth to Death" emphasizes the need to be proactive at preventing these diseases rather than being reactive once they strike.


Take our novel brain health and risk assessment - a 110 question risk survey. The RealHealth Team will provide you with a detailed explanation of your risks within a phone or telemedicine consult.


Alternatively, order the Brain & Eye Disease Prevention program and take the assessment, get the consult and 8 hours of coaching to start eliminating risks identified in the assessment.

Open the Window to Your Health

That window is your eyes where doctors can see bare nerves and blood vessels and assess your current and future health.