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Order Brain Biomarker Test & Consult

Order Brain Biomarker Test & Consult

$399.00 Regular Price
$339.15Sale Price

Changes in multiple blood-based biomarkers help us understand where you are on the "health-disease continuum." The markers used in this panel are well known to be highly correlated with Alzheimer's and dementia risk - and helps us understand the root-cause of the disease if you or a loved-one has a brain (neurodegenerative) disease.


When you order this service, you will be directed to a blood lab collection center (LabCorp). After RealHealth receives the blood lab report back from the lab, you will be contacted and have a consult with one of our medical professionals who will explain the lab results and what they mean in the context of next steps. The fee includes a robust panel of predictive labs and a 1 hour consult by a RealHealth professional.


Retesting - normally recommended in 6 months - will be provided at a 40% discount.

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