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Order Brain / Eye / Chronic Disease Prevention (4 Month Program)

Order Brain / Eye / Chronic Disease Prevention (4 Month Program)


PROTECT YOUR BRAIN (and your eyes) by protecting yourself from the myriad of risk factors that contribute to these diseases. Take our Harvard/MIT designed brain and whole body health risk assessment to determine your brain health risk and work with one of our brain health coaching specialists and one of our forensic scientists to review your past and present medical information.


This is your ESSENTIAL first step to a healthier brain and healthier you.

  • Start Preventing Brain & Eye Diseases Now

    1. Take the "Chronic Disease Assessment" that determines your risks that may impact brain health - and are reversible.

    2. Hire one of our highly trained brain/eye specialty coaches. Your personal health coach will assist you to overcome any and all risks identified. Your health coach will work with you at your pace, but intensively, over 6 months. You will have access to 2 hours of brain and whole body health coaching time each month. Our forensic medical scientists will also gather past information and compile and review this as part of your brain health plan.


    Upon completion of the asessment, your health coach will contact you to start the program. This program is designed to prevent brain-related degenerative diseases. Often, people with cognitive impairment (including memory problems) see improvement in specific and overall brain performance and health as part of this program. Regardless, this is the most important first step toward health improvement. If we determine you need treatment, you will respond to treatment much better after completing this essential initial program.

    Click HERE to start with the assessment


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