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RealHealth Clinics - Living Profile Instructions


1. Click the "Click to Start" button and then set up your account.


2. When you login after setting up your account, click on "start questionaire" found at the top of the page









3. Answer every question by making one or more selections. Each question has a description that provides more explanation on requirements of the question.


4. Click on the "robo doc" for even more information. The robo doc has information for each question.


5. Take each survey component until the system indicates you have completed all surveys and questions.


6. Email RealHealth at: and put your name and that statement "Profile Completed" in the subject of your email. In your email, suggest some times you are available for a 15 minute phone consult and provide your phone number.


7. Click here to pay for the Living Profile:


8. RealHealth will email you a detailed report based on your profile answers. Once you have your report, RealHealth will call you for your complimentary 15 minute consult.

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