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Your Eye & Brain Health at the
Root Cause.

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"CDT" HEALTH CONTINUUM PANEL - plus Consultation


Our flagship entry-level program.

  • 57 marker panel

  • Lowest cost program

  • Screens for eye and brain risks

  • Focus is on inflammation.

80 Biomarker Panel for Brain Health plus Consultations


Includes multiple markers for:

  • Inflammation,

  • immunity,

  • thyroid,

  • iron, and

  • infections

65 Biomarkers for Eye Disease Root-Causes
plus Consultation


Addresses important but underappreciated causes of eye diseases that include:

  • Macular diseases,

  • Cataracts, and

  • Glaucoma.

plus Consultation


Take this detailed risk assessment and get an comprehensive plan to begin your health revival journey.

Labs are important but your life and risks drive your plan.

Consultations & Options


1 hour consult with Dr. Lewis

Can be divided into

2 - 30 minute consults

5 Hours with Dr. Lewis


Recovering from chronic disease is a process. Dr. Lewis will guide you to optimal health.

7. HEALTH COACHING With  Jodi Laird



Our coaches work closely with our medical team to help guide you on the most cost-effective path to better health through consistency and accountability.



Send your list of labs by clicking the button below
 and we will provide you a quote.


IMPORTANT: Any set of labs you order is run through our evidence-based algorithm. You will get the standard and our OPTIMAL lab reports.

Brain & Eye Treatments

Endocalyx Pro is a specially formulated supplement scientifically proven to enhance the integrity of your capillaries - referred to as the "Glycocalyx."


CardioMiracle is a complete multivitamin / multimineral that includes nitric oxide (NO) generating supplements. NuLife Sciences has shown improvement in cardiovascular health - including myocarditis caused by the spike protein.


Regener-Eyes is advertised as a "dry eye" treatment.

HOWEVER, the solution contains mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are stromal cells that have the ability to self-renew and also exhibit multilineage differentiation. This product has the potential to regenerate eye tissue.


Regener-Eyes Lite is the same as the Pro but at a lower concentration.

Recommended use:

1. Start with one treatment of Pro.

2. On-going treatment is with Lite.

May help improve eye diseases including: dry eye, cataract, macular disease, & glaucoma

The HRP Approach
Restoring Your Brain & Eyes
With 5 P's

Precision: Your labs are interpreted from a "chronic" - not an "acute" perspective.

Predictive: Labs are linked to early mortality risk - not politics. Labs predict the future with precision.

Preemptive: You are provided with robust solutions to avoid disease & optimize health.

Personalized: The testing is detailed, precise and accurate - reflecting what is going on within YOU.

Participatory: Our process takes the confusion out of what to do 1st, and next. Like building a home, there is a logical order to building great health.

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Dr. Thomas Lewis

I am the founder of Real Health Clinics and a medical scientist. I hold advanced degrees from MIT and the Harvard School of Public Health. After my dad died of Alzheimer's in 2002, I was blessed to meet Dr. Clement Trempe a Harvard Medical School Ophthalmologist who truly understood chronic disease and root-causes.

 Dr. Trempe believed in efficient, inexpensive solutions to even complex problems. As an eye doctor, he could literally "see" disease - and the result of his efforts to improve his patients health.

During my 15 years studying under him, he taught me many critically important concepts.

  • The first is how to get right to causes without chasing down rabbit holes.

  • The second was what labs to run and how to interpret them.

 I believe RHC is honoring Dr. Trempe's mission to improve the health of all people, to the best of our ability and without undue costs.

About Real Health Clinics
Dr. Lewis explained the need to "take care" of my root canals. We did a pre-treatment, I had them removed, and did a post treatment. My energy is way up, my blood pressure is now normal, and my night sweats stopped.
Thank you - Brenda
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